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A Region with Culture – A look into the past

The name "Linzgau" has its root in the latin derivation of the celtic river name "Lentia"; a river that originates as Linzer Ach in the northern part of the region and flows into Lake Constance  in Unteruhldingen as Seefelder Ach. It is proven that the Linzgau has been settled since the Mesolithic (8000 – 5000 BC). From the neolithic, the first pile dwellings at the shore of Lake Constance are preserved. Archaeological artefacts are also known from the age of the Celts. Afterwards, the Linzgau was - as was the whole of southern Germany - under the influence of the Roman Emire up to the 3rd century.

After the retreat of the Romans, Alemannic tribes settled here. Archaeological findings from this time are rare but the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus mentioned in the 4th century a tribe who calls himself "Lentienser" after the celtic river name. In the historic sources, this tribe is described as very rowdy...

But there is no need to worry, the Lentienser of today know how to behave themselves.