2 room apartment

apartment in the guesthouse Storchen

without balcony

all prices in EUR per person including half-board, excluding visitor's tax

when booking only 1 night, extra charge of 5 € per person

at weekends, extra charge of 5 € per person/night

half-board includes starter, soup, salad, 1 of 3 main courses and dessert, ice cream and cheese

additional beds for 3rd and 4th person including breakfast and half-board, 68 €/day per bed

if you don't use half-board, we deduct 10 € per adult/day

prices for children including breakfast and dinner: 0-2 years 15 €/day | 3-6 years 30 €/day | 7-10 years 35 €/day | 11-15 years 45,- €/day when staying in an apartment together with their parents

dogs 8 €/day (dogs are only permitted in the main house)

visitor's tax per person and day 2 € from 01/04 until 15/10 valid since 01/2017

when paying cash at arrival or when transferring money prior to arrival, there is a 2% discount on the price of a room (arrangements excluded)